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A dart package that simplifies the integration of Nostr Wallet Connect into client applications.

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A dart package that simplifies the integration of Nostr Wallet Connect protocol into client applications.

Overview #

NWC (Nostr Wallet Connect) is a Dart package. It offers a straightforward solution for developers aiming to integrate their app with the NWC protocol, enabling seamless access to a remote Lightning wallet through a standardized protocol. The protocol specifications are defined in NIP47, and this package is created to adhere to those specifications.

Features #

  • Simple Integration: Easily implement the NWC protocol into your Nostr client or Flutter app with minimal effort.
  • Standardized Protocol: Follows the specifications outlined in NIP47 for consistent and reliable functionality.
  • Secure Communication: Ensures secure communication between your client and the remote Lightning wallet (NIP04 implemented).

Installation #

Add the following line to your pubspec.yaml:

  nwc: ^1.0.0

Then run:

$ flutter pub get

Usage #

Initializing the "nwc" Package #

To begin using the "nwc" package, you first need to import it into your Dart project. Then, instantiate the NWC class:

import 'package:nwc/nwc.dart';

final nwc = NWC();

Parsing Connection URI #

The parseNostrConnectUri method is used to parse the connection URI, extracting essential information such as pubkey, relay, secret and lud16 for communication with the remote Lightning wallet:

final parsedUri = nwc.nip47.parseNostrConnectUri(connectionURI);

Initializing Relay Service #

Before interacting with the remote wallet, you need to initialize the relay service. This step ensures proper communication channels are established:

await nwc.relaysService.init(relaysUrl: [parsedUri.relay]);

Subscribing to Events #

You can subscribe to specific events from the remote wallet using filters. This allows your application to react to relevant updates. :

final subToFilter = Request(
  filters: [
      kinds: [23195], // 23195 is registered for NIP47 response
      authors: [parsedUri.pubkey], // Specifying the pubkey of the wallet service
      since: DateTime.now(), // Specify a timestamp to start filtering events

final nostrStream = nwc.relaysService.startEventsSubscription(
  request: subToFilter,
  onEose: (relay, eose) =>
      print('[+] subscriptionId: ${eose.subscriptionId}, relay: $relay'),

Listening to Event Stream #

Once subscribed, you can listen to the event stream and react accordingly. Events are decrypted and processed based on the NIP04 protocol:

nostrStream.stream.listen((Event event) {
  if (event.kind == 23195 && event.content != null) {
    try {
      final decryptedContent = nwc.nip04.decrypt(

      final content = nwc.nip47.parseResponseResult(decryptedContent);

      // Handle different types of events accordingly
      if (content.resultType == NWCResultType.get_balance) {
        final result = content.result as Get_Balance_Result;
        print('[+] Balance: ${result.balance} msat');
      } else if (content.resultType == NWCResultType.make_invoice) {
        final result = content.result as Make_Invoice_Result;
        print('[+] Invoice: ${result.invoice}');
      } else if (content.resultType == NWCResultType.pay_invoice) {
        final result = content.result as Pay_Invoice_Result;
        print('[+] Preimage: ${result.preimage}');
      } else if (content.resultType == NWCResultType.error) {
        final result = content.result as NWC_Error_Result;
        print('[+] Preimage: ${result.errorMessage}');
      } else {
        print('[+] content: $decryptedContent');
    } catch (e) {
      if (e is DecipherFailedException) {

Sending Events #

Finally, you can send events to the remote wallet using the appropriate commands defined in NIP47. This allows you to perform actions such as fetching balances, generating invoices, or making payments:

final message = {"method": "get_balance"};

final content = nwc.nip04.encrypt(

final request = Event.fromPartialData(
  kind: 23194,
  content: content,
  tags: [['p', parsedUri.pubkey]],
  createdAt: DateTime.now(),
  keyPairs: KeyPairs(private: parsedUri.secret),

final okCommand = await nwc.relaysService.sendEventToRelays(
  timeout: const Duration(seconds: 3),

print('[+] getBalance() => okCommand: $okCommand');

By following these steps, you can effectively integrate the "nwc" package into your flutter app, enabling seamless communication with remote Lightning wallets through the NWC protocol.

Contributing #

Contributions are welcome! If you have suggestions, feature requests, or bug reports, please open an issue or submit a pull request.

License #

This package is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details.

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A dart package that simplifies the integration of Nostr Wallet Connect into client applications.

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