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Provide User-Agent Client Hints to Flutter.

User-Agent Client Hints for Flutter #

What's User-Agent Client Hints? #

User-Agent Client Hints
Improving user privacy and developer experience with User-Agent Client Hints
User-Agent Client Hints Demo on Browser

⬇️ Response Accept-CH ⬆️ Request header ⬆️ RequestExample value Description
UA Sec-CH-UA "Chromium";v="84",
"Google Chrome";v="84"
List of browser brands and their significant version.
UA-Mobile Sec-CH-UA-Mobile ?1 Boolean indicating if the browser is
on a mobile device (?1 for true) or not (?0 for false).
UA-Full-Version Sec-CH-UA-Full-Version "84.0.4143.2" The complete version for the browser.
UA-Platform Sec-CH-UA-Platform "Android" The platform for the device,
usually the operating system (OS).
UA-Platform-Version Sec-CH-UA-Platform-Version "10" The version for the platform or OS.
UA-Arch Sec-CH-UA-Arch "ARM64" The underlying architecture for the device.
While this may not be relevant to displaying the page,
the site may want to offer a download which defaults to the right format.
UA-Model Sec-CH-UA-Model "Pixel 3" The device model.

Installation #

  1. This plugin is set the Null Safety.

  2. Add this to your package's pubspec.yaml file

  ua_client_hints: ^1.x.x
  1. You can install packages from the command line
$ flutter pub get

Usage #

With Dio #

Add to the request header.

class AppDio with DioMixin implements Dio {
  AppDio._([BaseOptions options]) {
    options = BaseOptions(
      baseUrl: '',

    this.options = options;
      onRequest: (options) async {
        // Add User-Agent Client Hints
        options.headers.addAll(await userAgentClientHintsHeader());
        return options;

  static Dio getInstance() => AppDio._();

APIs #

final String ua = await userAgent();

print('User-Agent: $ua');  // e.g.. 'SampleApp/1.0.0 (Android 11; Pixel 4 XL; coral; arm64-v8a)'
final UserAgentData uaData = await userAgentData();

print('platform:        ${uaData.platform}');              // e.g.. 'Android'
print('platformVersion: ${uaData.platformVersion}');       // e.g.. '10'
print('model:           ${uaData.model}');                 // e.g.. 'Pixel 4 XL'
print('architecture:    ${uaData.architecture}');          // e.g.. 'arm64-v8a'
print('brand:           ${uaData.brand}');                 // e.g.. 'google'
print('mobile:          ${}');                // e.g.. true
print('device:          ${uaData.device}');                // e.g.. 'coral'
print('appName:         ${uaData.package.appName}');       // e.g.. 'SampleApp'
print('appVersion:      ${uaData.package.appVersion}');    // e.g.. '1.0.0'
print('packageName:     ${uaData.package.packageName}');   // e.g.. ''
print('buildNumber:     ${uaData.package.buildNumber}');   // e.g.. '1'
final Map<String, dynamic> header = await userAgentClientHintsHeader();

print("Sec-CH-UA-Arch:             ${header['Sec-CH-UA-Arch']}");             // e.g.. 'arm64-v8a'
print("Sec-CH-UA-Model:            ${header['Sec-CH-UA-Model']}");            // e.g.. 'Pixel 4 XL'
print("Sec-CH-UA-Platform:         ${header['Sec-CH-UA-Platform']}");         // e.g.. 'Android'
print("Sec-CH-UA-Platform-Version: ${header['Sec-CH-UA-Platform-Version']}"); // e.g.. '10'
print("Sec-CH-UA:                  ${header['Sec-CH-UA']}");                  // e.g.. '"SampleApp"; v="1.0.0"'
print("Sec-CH-UA-Full-Version:     ${header['Sec-CH-UA-Full-Version']}");     // e.g.. '1.0.0'
print("Sec-CH-UA-Mobile:           ${header['Sec-CH-UA-Mobile']}");           // e.g.. '?1' (true) or '?0' (false)