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Package for copy files, directories, links. You can watch the copying process.#file#directory#copy
Dart backend framework. Supports multithreading, websockets. It contains project build system, request processing pipeline, authentication aids, and logging tools.
Actor framework for Dart. This package makes it easier to work with isolates, create clusters of isolates.
Tools for caching values in memory. Supports setting the expiration of values.
A simple package for working with multithreading, using an interface similar to tasks in C#.
Simple json serializer/deserializer for Dart (only JIT, not Flutter).
Numbers to russian words converter. Supports numbers less than a trillion.
Annotations for code generation with package `minerva_controller_generator`.
This package is simple wrapper for collecting object mapping rules.
Minerva code generator for work with controllers. Controllers are needed to configure the server.