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This allows you to:

  1. Do a fade and size transition between two widgets.
  2. Show and hide a widget, by resizing it vertically while fading.

Size and Fade

The AnimatedSizeAndFade widget does a fade and size transition between a "new" widget and an "old" widget previously set as a child. The "old" and the "new" children must have the same width, but can have different heights, and you don't need to know their sizes in advance.

You can also define a duration and curve for both the fade and the size, separately.

Important: If the "new" child is the same widget type as the "old" child, but with different parameters, then AnimatedSizeAndFade will NOT do a transition between them, since as far as the framework is concerned, they are the same widget, and the existing widget can be updated with the new parameters. To force the transition to occur, set a Key (typically a ValueKey taking any widget data that would change the visual appearance of the widget) on each child widget that you wish to be considered unique.


bool toggle=true;
Widget widget1 = ...;
Widget widget2 = ...;

   child: toggle ? widget1 : widget2

Show and Hide

The AnimatedSizeAndFade.showHide constructor may be used to show/hide a widget, by resizing it vertically while fading.


bool toggle=true;
Widget widget = ...;    

   show: toggle,
   child: widget,

How does it compare to other similar widgets?

  • With AnimatedCrossFade you must keep both the firstChild and secondChild, which is not necessary with AnimatedSizeAndFade.

  • With AnimatedSwitcher you may simply change its child, but then it only animates the fade, not the size.

  • AnimatedContainer also doesn't work unless you know the size of the children in advance.

Note: See the StackOverflow question that prompted this widget development.

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