commit method

void commit(
  1. StreamQueue<T> queue

Commits a queue created using newQueue.

The parent queue's position is updated to be the same as queue's. Further requests on all queues created by this transaction, including queue, will complete as though cancel were called with immediate: true.

Throws a StateError if commit or reject have already been called, or if there are pending requests on queue.


void commit(StreamQueue<T> queue) {
  if (!_queues.contains(queue)) {
    throw ArgumentError("Queue doesn't belong to this transaction.");
  } else if (queue._requestQueue.isNotEmpty) {
    throw StateError("A queue with pending requests can't be committed.");
  _committed = true;

  // Remove all events from the parent queue that were consumed by the
  // child queue.
  for (var j = 0; j < queue.eventsDispatched; j++) {