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This is the core Dart-only package for the async_redux package.

In your Flutter app:

  • Do NOT include this core package directly.

    Instead, go to the async_redux package which already exports this core code, plus provides Flutter related code.

In your Dart server or Dart-only code:

  • For the moment, this Dart-only package simply contains the UserException class, and nothing more.

  • If you are creating code for a Dart server (backend) like Celest, or developing some Dart-only package that does not depend on Flutter, then you can use this package directly:

    import 'package:async_redux_core/async_redux_core.dart';

    Note: When using Celest, this is especially useful for throwing UserException in your backend code. Celest will make sure to throw that exception in the frontend. As long as the Celest cloud function is called inside redux actions, Async Redux will display the exception message to the user in a dialog (or other UI element that you can customize). This can also be used with package i18n_extension_core to make sure the error message gets translated to the user's language. For example: UserException('The password you typed is invalid'.i18n); in the backend, will reach the frontend already translated as UserException('La contraseña que ingresaste no es válida') if the user device is in Spanish.


Go to async_redux to read the docs.

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