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A Dart mock library which simplifies mocking with null safety support and no manual mocks or code generation.#mock#test
Flutter Flows made easy! A Flutter package which simplifies flows with a flexible, declarative API.#navigation#routing
An http interceptor for token refresh. Fresh is built on top of package:dio and manages authentication tokens transparently.
A Dart package which allows you to mock Image.network in your widget tests with confidence using the mocktail package.#mock#test
An graphql link for token refresh. Built on top of package:graphql and manages authentication tokens transparently.
An token refresh library for dart. This package exposes the core components that are common to various refresh token implementations (REST, GraphQL, etc...).
A simple WebSocket client for Dart which includes automatic reconnection logic.#web-socket#web-socket-client
Flutter package the helps manage streams and subscriptions. Built in order to reduce the complexity of having to manually subscribe to streams and cancel subscriptions.
An extension to the bloc state management library which adds support for broadcasting state changes to stream channels.
A magical container which changes colors whenever its build method is called.